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Diba Electronics is a retailer of electronic and electromechanical components that has stood out on the market for several years thanks to the seriousness, efficiency and timeliness it offers to its customers.

We specialize in buying and selling active, passive and electromechanical components, with particular attention to obsolete products that are difficult to find.

The availability of the material, especially on the assets, occurs from Subcontractors or from OEMs who have special quotes open, with a one-year guarantee, from ERAI certified suppliers and from Asian and American suppliers who give a 6-month guarantee with whom we have been collaborating for several years .

We propose ourselves as a strategic partner for companies by offering the best quotes on the free market with feedback within 12/18 hours of the request and delivery of material in 14-18 days from the order.

Delivery speed 100%
Product quality and certification 100%
Price competitiveness 100%


The pool of suppliers with which we collaborate allows us to quickly source any electronic and electromechanical component, even those that are difficult to find or obsolete.


We ensure a speed of service that allows us to respect the deliveries agreed with the customer.


We offer the possibility of taking advantage of a safety escort, if necessary, at our warehouse. Delivery times of maximum 48 hours.


Do you want to schedule the deliveries of your orders? We can manage them according to your production needs.


Attention to the customer is essential. Therefore, our work process provides dedicated assistance before, during, and after the sale.


All the components we resell are certified by our suppliers. We can carry out a sample or more analytical tests on a single component on request.

Thanks to a vast network of foreign and Italian customers,

we can manage any excess stock of your components and make the most of them.